Plans submitted for a new large grain store near Marlborough have created safety concerns for ramblers and motorists.

The plan, first put forward by CP Farming in February 2024, is for a 1080-square-metre grain store building to be built on Downs Lane in Manton Downs.

The location is described in the plan as having “easy access to the A4 away from residential areas,” but many locals have raised serious safety concerns about the location.

“The proposed access is totally inadequate,” said a spokesperson for Preshute Parish Council.

“Downs Lane is a single carriageway and cannot support large articulated grain vehicles.

“Downs Lane is also used by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. Introducing large lorries into the mix will put the safety of people at risk."

Swindon Advertiser: The narrow Downs Lane is regularly used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.The narrow Downs Lane is regularly used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. (Image: Google Maps)

“The prospect of riding a horse into the face of an oncoming HGV is a significant obstacle to riders’ safety and their legal enjoyment of the byway,” added a spokesperson for the British Horse Society Wiltshire.

Not only are there concerns that ramblers who regularly walk along Downs Road would be put at risk by large vehicles passing through, but the site also poses a potential danger to A4 motorists.

The turning onto Downs Lane is a particularly tight one, and many of those who have submitted objections believe that large vehicles regularly using this turnoff could increase the risk of crashes.

Swindon Advertiser: The A4 turning onto Downs Lane has been described as 'tight' and 'dangerous for HGVs'.The A4 turning onto Downs Lane has been described as 'tight' and 'dangerous for HGVs'. (Image: Google Maps)

“The junction with the A4 is particularly precarious especially when meeting large horse transport lorries or other HGV's. Vehicles can be stranded in the middle of the A4 unable to turn,” pointed out one local resident.

Other issues raised include the impact of the site on a registered area of natural beauty, increased noise and light pollution and increased traffic on congested roads.

However, CP Farming states that it needs the space after its farm holding has recently increased in size with a land swap.

Swindon Advertiser: The proposed plans for the new grain store near Marlborough.The proposed plans for the new grain store near Marlborough. (Image: Wiltshire Council)

"The applicant has carefully considered the suitability of this site for development," the design and access statement states.

"The building has been designed to be situated in a central location to the farm within the existing surroundings, where it will be hidden amongst the existing screening of landform, trees and hedgerows."

The planning application currently has 40 objections at the time of writing, including from all affected local and parish councils.

A decision on the application is expected to be made by March 21, 2024.