A Swindon driving test centre has the second-worst pass rate in the UK, new data has revealed. 

Government figures state that Swindon LGV (large goods vehicle) Test Centre conducted 653 tests between April and December 2023 but only 114 people passed - a pass rate of just 17.5 per cent.

Of the 328 centres ranked, only Plymouth LGV Test Centre scored lower with a 16.9 per cent pass rate, as a meagre 15 drivers passed from 89 tests. 

For non-LGV vehicles, Swindon was ranked 223rd with a 47.5 per cent pass rate, as 3,100 of the 6,525 drivers were successful. 

Elsewhere in Wiltshire, Chippenham was ranked the 227th easiest place to pass a driving test, with 2,403 of the 5,081 tested passing (47.3 per cent), whereas Trowbridge was ranked 192nd with 1,033 of the 2,403 tested being successful (49.1 per cent).

At the top of the pile with a pass rate of 88 per cent (71 out of 80) was Benbecula Island of the Outer Hebrides in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland, which has an approximate population of 1,300. 

A large goods vehicle, or a heavy goods vehicle, weighs more than 3,500kg, or 3.5 tonnes.