More than 300 easter eggs were donated to a Swindon food charity for those who could not afford to buy one.

The eggs were given to Boxes of Hope, based in Gorse Hill Baptist Church, by members of Nuffield Health club.

Linda Noakes, a volunteer, said: “It was so unexpected. We were hoping for maybe 50 if we were lucky but the Nuffield gym members have been so incredibly generous.”

She added: “One lady just burst into tears because she cannot risk spending two or three pounds on the Easter eggs for a child.

“She thought she was going to have to share one between two, but now we have enough for everyone.”

The lady was given two eggs in her bag, one for each of her children.

The project was started in 2020 to help families struggling during the pandemic.

As well as groceries, food packages include age appropriate activities for the children, toiletries for the family as well as some exciting treats.

Linda said: “At Christmas and Easter we do try to give people a little extra nice something.”

“It’s only because of the generosity of Nuffield gym members that we have been able to put the cherry on the top.”

They received a huge variety, from Thorntons eggs to eggs with mugs included.

Easter eggs were picked out personally for each child based on their interests and age by volunteers, who know many of the families taking the chocolate.

For example, Linda explained how one child who loves dinosaurs was given a dinosaur egg.

Boxes of Hope helped more than 4,500 people, including 2,800 children, over lockdown.

Volunteer Vicky Payne said at the time: “We try and put treats at the top for children so they can see there is something for them.”

Also based at the church is Gorse Hill Community Fridge, which aims to reduce food waste by redistributing food from supermarkets to those in need.

It is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday from 11 am to 2 pm.

Anyone can visit the community fridge, and you do not need a referral. 

Linda said: “I've probably got more out of being a volunteer than the people that I'm helping.

“You don't actually have to do a lot to make a massive difference in somebody's life.”