Parking at Swindon's Great Western Hospital is about to change. 

The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has confirmed that its new parking system will be going live soon, which will change the way visitors pay for parking at the site. 

The changes will be coming into effect on Thursday, April 4.

A spokesperson for the hospital said: "A new parking system will go live across the Great Western Hospital site in all our visitor car parks.

"Visitor car parks will be managed through Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and patients and visitors will be able to pay on exit of the car park in the North and West car parks, and through pay machines in the Brunel Treatment Centre.

"The machines take cash or card, and payments made at the exit barrier can be made through a contactless payment.

"The new system will ensure better traffic management across the site, with fewer queues building up and more people able to park quickly and efficiently when arriving at the hospital."

The new system was installed a number of weeks ago but has not been active, with visitors able to park for free. 

Staff car parks will go live with the same system later this month.