One of Swindon’s biggest employers has been given the go-ahead to expand part of its critical infrastructure.

Planners at Swindon Borough Council have given the building society permission to expand Swindon Technology Centre, off Hillmead Drive in Shaw.

Nationwide will now be able to build a new plant area and extend the existing area at the huge server farm.

The plans will see the deliveries bay converted to a plant area at ground level two, and an extension of the gantry on the roof level, and a containment route through an existing opening in the side wall at ground level.

Data centres house the servers used by companies with a large online presence such as Nationwide, with its online banking used by customers to make transfers of money worldwide.

The report by planners at Euclid Street which gave permission said: “The site comprises areas of plant that contain primarily air conditioning units and associated pipework and enclosures.

“The additional plant and associated enclosures would not therefore appear out of keeping in this regard. Furthermore, the extensive tree planting and landscaping has resulted in negligible view of the application building and associated ground and plant.

“As such the development would not materially impact on the wider character of the area.”