A new tutoring service has opened in Swindon for English and maths.

Good Egg Tutoring teaches from KS1 to A-level, and promises comfortable and accessible one-on-one teaching.

The company was founded by a Swindon resident James Nicholls who struggled with learning in a school environment.

However, he found learning at home for a degree to suit him much better, achieving a first class classification in English Language and Literature from the Open University.

James said: “My decision to study as an adult came as a result of disillusionment regarding my past experiences in education.

“Though I was a capable young student, I found school to be a challenging environment. 

“To complete my degree, which took six years, I studied at home throughout, in comfortable surroundings, without the difficulties, distractions and inherently competitive nature of a classroom. 

“This type of environment is exactly what I want Good Egg Tutoring to provide for the students of Swindon.”

He aims to offer a more personalised and attentive service, particularly to those students who may have additional educational needs.

He is currently offering two months of exam focussed tuition to students of all ages for £200.