Swindon will go to the polls on Thursday, May 2, with Labour looking to hold on to power in the borough after sweeping to victory 12 months ago.

The full list of candidates standing in the elections for Swindon Borough Council this year - and the parties they will represent - is:

Blunsdon & Highworth

Andrew Donald  DAY  - Green Party

Ian Humphries JAMES - Labour Party

Vijay Kumar  MANRO - The Conservative Party Candidate

Hannah PAJAK - Liberal Democrat



Domingos Seby DIAS - Labour Party

Lourenco Sipriano FERNANDES ­- Conservative Party Candidate

Vintur  FERNANDES - Independent

Mary  QUATE  - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Marek  SARNOWSKI  - Liberal Democrat


Covingham & Dorcan

Rebecca  Mary  BANWELL-MOORE  - Labour Party

Scott Victor Abbas HUNTER  - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Sheila Ann KERSLAKE  -  Liberal Democrat

Barbara PARRY  - Conservative Party Candidate




Srinivasu  ANUPINDI  - Conservative Party Borough Candidate

Chris NOYCE  - Green Party

Toby ROBSON  -  Liberal Democrat Swindon

Marina STRINKOVSKY  - Labour Party


Gorse Hill & Pinehurst

Niyi ADEKOYA  - The Conservative Party Candidate

Andy  BENTLEY   - Green Party

Princia Jenovi FERNANDES   - Labour Party

Helen HARRIS   - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Gerry TAYLOR  - Liberal Democrat


Haydon Wick

Ray BALLMAN  - Labour Party

Geoffrey Harry KING  - Liberal Democrat

Bose PATRICK-OKOH  - The Conservative Party Candidate


Liden, Eldene & Park South

Marianne LE COYTE-GRINNEY  - Labour Party

Malcolm SALMON - Liberal Democrat

Roy STEPHEN - Conservative Party Candidate

Bob WHEELER - Reform UK


Lydiard & Freshbrook

Leon Paul GROTHER  - Labour Party

Robert PETTEFAR  - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Christopher Robert SHEPHERD - Liberal Democrat

Caryl SYDNEY-SMITH -  Conservative Party Candidate


Mannington & Western

Fraser Graham MCCORMICK - Liberal Democrat

Nandini SINGH - Conservative Party Candidate

Kevin David SMALL - Labour and Co-operative Party


Old Town

Daisy BOWIE - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Bill HUGHES - Green Party

Jane Elizabeth MILNER-BARRY - Labour Party

Bazil Stanley SOLOMON - Conservative Party Candidate

Martin George WILTSHIRE - Liberal Democrat


Penhill & Upper Stratton

Michelle Anne HORROBIN - Liberal Democrat

David-Oladapo IBITOYE - The Conservative Party Candidate

Thomas James SMITH - Labour Party


Priory Vale

Pete  BEST - Green Party

Ian EDWARDS  -  Labour Party

Deborah Anne KING  -  Liberal Democrat

Vinay MANRO  - The Conservative Party Candidate



Stephen Raymond ALLSOP  -  Labour Party

Liz MEARNS -  Liberal Democrat

Gary SUMNER - Conservative Party Candidate


Rodbourne Cheney

Ana Rosada FERNANDES - Labour Party

Rod HEBDEN  - Green Party

Srisudha NUKANA  - The Conservative Party Candidate

Ciaran SKINNER  - Liberal Democrat



Rose Marie LLEWELLYN  - Labour Party

Zoe Claire MCCORMICK -  Liberal Democrat

Keith Robert WILLIAMS  - Conservative Party Candidate


St Andrews

Daniel Christopher ADAMS  - The Conservative Party Candidate

Howard John MARCH  - Green Party

Dawn Elizabeth PAJAK  - Liberal Democrat

Josh WOOD  - Labour Party


St Margaret & South Marston

Lynda Marian COMBER -  Liberal Democrat

Ella Constance MARCH  - Green Party

Simon John SHELLEY  - Labour Party

Eleanor Elisabeth WILLS  - The Conservative Party


Walcot & Park North

Dave BELL - Conservative Party  Candidate

Michael James DICKINSON - Liberal Democrat

Ian Charles LODWICK - Green Party

Mohammed Jamal MIAH -  Labour Party


Wroughton & Wichelstowe

Saleh AHMED - Labour Party

Martin BARRETT -  Liberal Democrat

Gayle Elaine COOK - Conservative Party Candidate

Matty COURTLIFF - Conservative Party Candidate

Simon Jonathan FAIRBOURN  - Green Party

Abdul HAMID - Labour Party

Stan PAJAK - Liberal Democrat