The detective who caught double murderer Christopher Halliwell has again backed his former colleague Mike Rees to be Swindon and Wiltshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Rees is a former Wiltshire Police officer who served for 30 years before retiring 10 years ago. He has announced his candidacy to become the PCC in this year’s election, three years after coming second in the re-run election in 2021.

Former detective superintendent Steve Fulcher has again backed his former fellow officer for the post.

Mr Fulcher who is best known for his work in apprehending taxi driver Halliwell for the murder of Sian O’Callaghan, and obtaining a confession that he had also killed Becky Godden Edwards, said: “I hope the people of Swindon and Wiltshire will support Mike Rees.

“He spent many years serving as an officer with real passion, dedication and integrity. It’s a significant commitment with considerable challenges to be faced in 2024 and beyond for Wiltshire’s PCC. 

“Mike will do all he can to ensure the police service is one in which he and the community can take pride in.”

Mr Rees was a part of the team working on the murder investigation.

And he said he has paid his £5,000 deposit himself, not raising money from supporters.

He said: “I took time out of my working day to hand in my paperwork and pay my £5,000 deposit at County Hall. I met with Liv and Caroline from the election office who were incredibly helpful. They spent some time going through the paperwork I had prepared, and I’m pleased to say it was very accurately presented.

“It’s nice to know my paperwork is still good. 

He added: “Thank you so much to the 100 people who signed my nomination papers to support me. I genuinely appreciate it. I have my views around the existence of the PCC role, but firmly believe that if there is to be one, it should not be filled by a politician with allegiance to a political party.

“I’m under no illusion about the task before me having gone through this process already. The messages of support I’ve received so far have been overwhelming.”

Mr Rees has three opponents in the election for PCC - the Conservative incumbent Philip Wilkinson, Alan Hagger standing for the Liberal Democrats and Labour’s Stanka Adamcova.