Band The Black Keys have explained why Swindon is their favourite place to gig in the UK.

Half of the award-winning rock said that Swindon was their favourite place due to a superfan, Bobby, who lives there.

Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach make up the Grammy Award winning musical act whose sound draws heavily on blues.

They were asked where their favourite place to play in the UK is by Dan O’Connell on the Evening Show on Radio X.

Patrick answered: “I’m a Swindon man myself.”

Having been ‘everywhere in the UK’, he explained: “Our first big fan in the UK is Bobby from Swindon. 

“He would come to the shows, like, starting back at the 100 Club. 

“And you know what? I’ve listed him for the Brixton already, so he’s coming with his little kids now. 

“But yeah, he would show up just like, ‘it’s Bobby from Swindon here.’ 

“He would just show up. He would be constantly missing the train and hanging out with us. It was amazing.”

The band were speaking after the release of their new album, Ohio Players, on April 5.

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