One of the cheapest places to see a film on a big screen in Swindon is still little known by many.

Yet the Sofa Screenings at Create Studios show some of the best and biggest recent releases, with a quirky twist.

The clue is in the name: weekly recent and past films on a cinema screen, from the comfort of sofas.

Louise Norbury runs the screenings at Swindon’s Carriage Works and picks the films. 

She said: “People love the idea. I've been trying to convey that it's like a home from home. 

“It takes a lot to get me off my sofa personally in the evening. 

“But because we're creating that sofa in a really cosy atmosphere where people can have refreshments, they can mingle and talk, they love the familiarity.”

The project is funded by the British Film Institute (BFI), and is run not-for-profit. Films show every Friday with a 30 person capacity.

Adding: “The aim is to boost audience choice and improve access to screenings of independent films.”

Under 25s tickets can enter for £5, while other adult tickets cost £8.

Louise said: “Making films accessible was really important. I just don't think people should be priced out of a cultural activity and meeting people, so price is really important.”

Louise thinks that the screenings are more social than normal cinema showings, with people generally being more invested in the film and staying behind to talk about it.

She said: “I think times are changing, I don't think young people just hang out in the pub or go clubbing, they want somewhere to meet.

“The thing about Sofa Screenings is people can hang around after and they can talk about the film. And it's just a really different atmosphere rather than going to a local cinema.”

There are snacks and drinks available, with sweets, popcorn, beer and wine providing refreshment for all ages.

She continued: “There's a lot going on in the world and I think we need film to be able to just take us away from that and make us feel inspired and feel hopeful.”

Louise is constantly adapting Sofa Screenings according to feedback from viewers, to understand what they like.

She is hoping in the future to upgrade their projector so they can also show the latest releases.

Sofa Screenings runs film collaborations with Swindon festivals, as well as other projects run by Create Studios.

Film are screened at Create Studios, 10 Carriage Works, London Street, Railway Village, Swindon, SN1 5FB.

You can check which films are showing and buy tickets here: