Swindon Town Football Club hopes its upcoming weekend of concerts is the start of people seeing the County Ground as a music venue.

The stadium has not hosted music for over ten years until two days of concerts were announced last year. 

On May 25 DJ Chris Moyles will be bringing Atomic Kitten, The Lightning Seeds and Basshunter to the stadium for a 90s hangover bash.

And on May 26 a number of tribute acts will be gracing the County Ground stage for the Could Be Real Tribute Festival. 

While tickets are selling well, the club's chief commercial officer James Watts has encouraged residents to give the events a chance because they are 'vital to the future of Swindon Town Football Club'. 

He said: "These concerts are a big revenue driver for the football club and they are a new source of revenue that has not really been done for ten years.

"This additional revenue to the football club will allow us to raise money during the offseason, which is vital because all clubs find the summer months difficult, and we are no exception. 

"So I consider this to be a game-changer for Swindon Town, it has a big stadium, it is in a great location, so this is something that will help the football club.

"It's what will help us make that next jump for league one by providing the extra money to go and compete. Events like this are vital to the club’s progression in the football league, over both short and long-term periods."

Tickets for both events are available on Skiddle here - https://www.skiddle.com/festivals/chris-moyles-90s-hangover/ and https://www.skiddle.com/festivals/could-be-real-tribute-festival/

James added: "I think that this is something that since I’ve been at Swindon, people have said there are not enough events in Swindon at a large scale, if it’s supported we can do that regularly.

"That's the main driver in all of this, we want this to be a big community event that we can do every year. 

"On the Sunday we’re doing offers for the NHS, and council workers and trying to make it a proper community event.

"Based on the back of this we’d look to do other events, like boxing, wrestling, we want to turn the county ground into a venue, not just a football ground."

James said that there is a five-year plan in place with the club hoping to make the gigs a little bigger every year.