A Swindon school is celebrating after receiving an award for its educational efforts.

The Dorcan Academy now has an Association for Character Education Quality Mark, which is an accolade that only a select number of schools nationwide have received.

This honour recognises the academy’s outstanding commitment to character education, showcasing its dedication to nurturing the personal development of its students alongside their academic achievements.

The assessment report praised the academy for its "strategic planning and careful attention to detail," which ensures character-building activities are "seamlessly blended" across all areas of school life.

The report also highlighted the academy’s “well-constructed character plan," highlighting the thoughtful linkage of character building blocks to create a comprehensive experience for both students and teachers.

Daniel Tanner, head of character, said: “This Quality Mark recognises the incredible effort and dedication of our students and staff. It's a testament to our collective hard work in building a culture of character within our academy.

“We're looking forward to continuing to develop our character program even further, to ensure our students are not only academically equipped but also morally grounded to face the challenges of the future."

According to the Quality Mark report, students have embraced character opportunities, demonstrating a keen understanding of the importance of personal character development alongside academic success.

The report notes how students have developed a "clear comprehension of the language of character” which has enabled them to actively contribute to the well-being of the school community. Moreover, the Academy’s extracurricular program and focused house system offer students diverse opportunities for growth, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

Headteacher Sherryl Bareham added, "Being awarded the Character Quality Mark is a tremendous honour for our school.

"It validates our holistic approach to education and our commitment to nurturing every aspect of our students’ development.

“We are incredibly proud of this recognition.

“As a distinguished school of character, The Dorcan Academy aims for all students to stand out as model citizens and ‘Aspire to Greatness’.

“We are committed to fostering an environment where every student is empowered to achieve their full potential.

“We warmly invite parents and students to join the school community and embark on an educational journey that is both enriching and transformative.

For more information, visit www.dorcan.co.uk