Aldi shoppers were disappointed to see the supermarket’s fridges in a Swindon branch had been emptied.

A loss of power meant that the budget store's chilled goods were all removed from the warming coolers.

One customer posted online: “Aldi fridges are all down again (Thursday 11th). So no vegetables, meat, dairy, milk, etc. 

“Hopefully this post can save someone a wasted trip. 

“Staff saying they hope it is fixed properly this time as it’s as much a hassle for them as for the customers.”

The Adver has been informed that a power cut in the Highworth area on the evening of April 12 temporarily affected the store.

But an official source stated that everything was back up and running on Friday morning in time for the store to open as normal.

They added that stock from the chillers was sent back to Aldi’s local distribution centre to be stored there while the situation was handled and the issue has now been fully resolved.

While the fridges were out some were put off visiting, saying: “Im guessing its still going to be like this today then. Thanks for the heads up.”

One person suggested another solution: “Just buy more wine and cake.”