Homes in several Swindon estates are without power. 

People living in 49 homes within the Hillmead, Rivermead and Westmead areas of West Swindon will have woken up to discover they had no power this morning. 

Scottish and Southern Electricity Network is aware of the situation and engineers are working to restore power to the affected properties. 

A spokesperson said: "We're very sorry for the power cut and are aware of a fault on our main network affecting 49 homes. 

"This is affecting a large area and it's likely several streets in your area are affected by the same outage.

"Our engineers are in your local area and working hard to get your power restored as soon as possible.

"At this stage, based on initial investigations we're aiming to restore your power by 12.30pm."

13 postcodes have been affected. 

The cause at this time is believed to be a fault in SSEN's underground network, which it says 'is the most common type of fault we see'. 

This comes after The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for wind, advising that power outages were possible throughout the day.