A superstore in Swindon that was previously named 'one of the most unhygienic supermarkets in the UK' has now received a new food hygiene rating.

Although B&M is not what most people think of as a supermarket, the Ocotal Way store was included in a nationwide-wide study by BritSuperstore which analysed the hygiene ratings of food stores across the UK.

At the time, B&M on Ocotal Way in Swindon which sells several food products had a hygiene rating of two, and was officially named one of 'England’s dirtiest supermarkets'.

The store was told by inspectors that “improvement was necessary”.

But one year on from that inspection, staff at B&M are celebrating a new food hygiene rating and a huge turnaround.

"This Ocotal Way B&M store now has a 5-star food hygiene rating," a spokesperson for B&M has confirmed to the Adver.

B&M only moved into its current Ocotal Way home in March 2023, and received its two-star food hygiene rating less than a month after opening.

The new building was twice the size of what staff were used to and one member of staff told the Adver that the superstore was still finding its feet when inspectors arrived.

B&M now hope that the new five-star rating for Ocotal Way will act as a better reflection of the hygiene levels in the food and homeware store.