A parent has warned about the increase in children using AI apps and websites in classrooms leading to bullying in secondary schools.   

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, shared concerns with a website that uses AI to rate people’s appearances, called ‘LooksRater'.

The app enables children to upload photos of themselves or their peers to be rated out of 10. If a low score is generated for their photo, users have their flaws pointed out to them. 

It is allegedly being used by pupils Abbey Park School, which says such behaviour is "completely unacceptable".

One parent of a child who attends the school in Blunsdon said: “It's horrible. If you thought Instagram was doing damage to our kid's self-image and self-esteem you should see the effect this has. My daughter was crying because some of the boys in her class put her on the app and shared her score. It's just awful.

“The kids have a list of their scores ranked. Even if a kid doesn't want to use the website they'll just take a photo from their social media.

"In some cases, they'll take pictures of other kids themselves. The number of issues with bullying have sky-rocketed.”

They warned it was likely other children had experienced the same thing but parents may be unaware and unable to help.

A spokesperson for The Park Academies Trust said: “At Abbey Park School our school behaviour policy clearly states that any form of bullying, including online bullying, is completely unacceptable and we would always encourage parents or carers with any concerns to get in touch with staff.”