A thief has been targeting vehicles in Swindon to steal valuables which have been left in cars.

Wiltshire Police have reported that between 2 and 5.30am on April 14 a person took cash, sunglasses, headphones and clothing from vehicles.

The thefts happened in Abbey Farm, St Andrew’s Ridge and Tadpole Garden Village.

Police named the following streets as having been targetted The person is known to have tried door handles in Millard Road, Greycing Street, Batsford Crescent, Longfellow Close, Richardson Road, Image Road, Garnet Crescent and Diamond Crescent – though they may have been elsewhere as well.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “If you live in these streets and have a Ring doorbell or CCTV could you please check the footage between the times given for any suspicious activity, or if you have any other information please get in touch.

“You can email the team on swindonnortheastruralnpt@wiltshire.police.uk or call 101 and quote reference number *42308

They also added: “We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to make sure you take all valuables inside with you, make sure your car is locked, and keep any smart keys in a faraday pouch.”