Swindon Town Football Club has responded to concerns raised by fans over CCTV cameras in the County Ground toilets. 

A visiting supporter using a female toilet cubicle at the stadium says she was surprised to look up and see a CCTV camera above her.

AFC Wimbledon fan, Sharon Armfield, 59, said she saw the shiny black object in the corner of the room and wasn't sure whether it was filming in her direction. Her husband Ray posted a picture of the camera on X, asking Swindon Town to explain why it was there. 

Swindon Advertiser: The CCTV camera visible from within a cubicleThis sparked wider concern online that the club was inappropriately recording people during a private act, but the League Two club has issued a statement seeking to reassure people that a 'motion blur' is in place, meaning that the cubicles are not visible. 

There is no law that prevents the use of cameras in publicly used toilets, but guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office says it should only be done where there is sufficient justification for it, such as repeated anti-social behaviour. 

Sharon, a matchday volunteer at AFC Wimbledon, told the BBC: "If I can see the camera from where I am sat on the toilet, can the camera see me?

Swindon Advertiser: The Arkells stand where the toilets are"I know they have cameras in public areas but I was worried about safeguarding issues with kids at the ground."

She said she told her husband and friends who were all "astounded".

Swindon Town confirmed that the cameras are positioned in the away section of the concourse for maximum coverage.

 A spokesperson said: "The camera is positioned to see the away kiosk, the segregation between home and away fans as well as the entrance to the concourse from the turnstiles and the stand.

Swindon Advertiser: Signage at the ground warning of CCTV recording"The camera would have a view into the toilets, but this is blocked by a digital privacy blur, fitted by security professionals who, along with the club, must adhere to safeguarding and privacy guidelines.

The club also confirmed that the cameras were video only, with no audio. 

The club's spokesperson added: "There is CCTV signage in place on entry through the turnstiles, but the signage is going to be increased throughout the concourse.

"The footage is used for the identification of individuals in the away section of the concourse in the event of an incident. It is shared with the police upon request. The CCTV footage is retained for 30 days"