Five drivers face prosecution after being reported for speeding in a 30mph zone.

Drivers hit speeds of up to 47mph in Highworth but were caught by Wiltshire Police with support from Highworth Community Speedwatch.

Highworth Community Speedwatch is a team of around 30 local residents who have the aim of reducing speeding within the town. The scheme is run by Wiltshire Police.

A spokesperson wrote: “A number of residents raised concerns with us that some drivers think speed limits do not apply during the hours of darkness when our team is unable to operate. 

“We have tremendous continuing support from Wiltshire Police to discourage this attitude.”

They added: “Community Speedwatch has been highly effective in reducing speeding in Highworth. 

“We would encourage other Wiltshire areas with speeding issues to start a team.”

Wiltshire Specials added: “Quite a few more given advice on speed, it’s 30 for a reason.”

Community Speedwatch helps local people to address speeding in their communities.

All information recorded is passed to the police.

Volunteers are trained by traffic management policing officers to monitor traffic speed and must comply with a code of practice.