A unique school on the outskirts of Swindon has received a visit from an Independent Schools Inspectorate inspector. 

Marantha Christian School is located on Queenlaines Farm in Sevenhampton and falls outside of the scope of the more well-known government regulator Ofsted because it is an independent school. 

But it is still regulated by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) which operates under a different framework to the usual 'inadequate, requires improvement, good and outstanding' ratings parents will be familiar with. 

The new framework inspects schools in leadership and management, and governance, quality of education, training and recreation, pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional well-being, pupils’ social and economic education and contribution to society and safeguarding. 

Under the ISI, these five things are either 'met' or unmet' and the report found that all five standards had been met by Marantha Christian School. 

A spokesperson for the school said: "Meeting all of these standards as a school reflects an incredible amount of hard work from all of the teachers, students, volunteers, trustees and parents.

The report noted our strong Christian ethos saying, “The school’s Christian ethos is evident in pupils’ growing spiritual development and commitment to serve their school and the wider community. They are prepared for life after they leave school.”

It was reported that there is a strong emphasis on the development of students not just academically but also spiritually, emotionally and socially

It said: “Leaders provide trained staff to support pupils’ mental health … Leaders successfully promote highly positive relationships, which enhance pupils’ personal development and self-esteem. Pupils are self-aware and highly respectful of others.”

Maranatha also has an excellent culture of safeguarding and student welfare, as quoted, “Leaders create an effective culture of safeguarding in the school. Staff and trustees undertake regular safeguarding training and have a secure understanding of appropriate safeguarding procedures.

"There are well-established systems in place to report and track any concerns about pupils’ welfare. Leaders respond promptly to these concerns.”

There are currently government-funded spaces in the early years classes, of which ISI said, “In the early years … adults model kind and considerate behaviour and children learn to co-operate with each other and to treat others with respect.”

To read the full inspection report go to www.maranthaschool.org or to enquire about school spaces call 01793 762075.