New figures show which parts of Swindon have the most dangerous drivers.

New analysis of DVLA data by Swansway Motor Group tallies up the amount of combined penalty points on driving licences in each postcode around the UK and compares that figure with the number of people legally registered to drive in those areas.

Swindon does not appear in the rankings until after the top 100, with eight postcodes earning a spot in the rest of the list.

The SN3 postcode has the highest spot at 121, with 1,778 penalty points accrued out of 44,726 people with driving licences.

Much further down the list, at 336, comes the SN25 postcode, which has 34,534 registered drivers and 1,532 penalty points awarded.

This is a slightly higher proportion than in SN2, which is just below it at 337, with 34,514 driving licences and 1,320 penalty points.

Around two hundred postcodes later, SN5 charts at 522, with 1,219 penalty points on a possible 30,020 driving licences.

The town centre’s SN1 area places lower still at 622, with 28,227 registered driving licences and 1,105 penalty points accrued.

The SN4 postcode is well below that, with 1,107 penalty points accrued on a potential 25,288 driving licences.

Outside of the top 1,000 most dangerous postcodes in the UK, the SN6 postcode appears with 1,002 penalty points on a possible 20,526 licences.

Near the very bottom of the rankings is SN26, which has just 2,160 registered drivers who have received a total of 129 penalty points.

Overall, the CR0 postcode in Croydon London tops the table with 6,273 penalty points out of 138,416 driving licences in the area, while other parts of London and Leicester fill out the rest of the top 10.

Swansway Motor Group highlighted some of the most common reasons for people getting points on their licence, which include speeding, using a mobile device whilst driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and careless or dangerous driving.

A spokesperson said: “Points on a licence can deter people from taking unsafe actions, whether this is risky driving such as speeding or driving whilst using a mobile phone, to ensuring your vehicle is well maintained and road-worthy, to getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs, all which could have serious consequences.

“The system is there to keep us safe and remind us to always remain sensible when behind the wheel of a vehicle.”