Concerns have been raised about the shoddy state of a fountain near one of Swindon’s biggest supermarkets.

Shoppers fear that a water feature outside the Asda Wal-Mart in the Orbital Retail Park has become a safety hazard as it has been left derelict and dysfunctional for years.

A petition highlighting visitors’ complaints about the extent of the disrepair, which received more than 200 signatures, prompted the retailer to carry out work on the outdoor area in February 2023.

Although repairs to the broken and boarded-off steps were successfully completed, the fountain has not noticeably improved and the same trip hazards remain despite Asda's promises to remove them.

The only apparent change that has been made to the fountain in the last 12 months appears to be that orange barriers block access to parts of the site.

But eyewitnesses believe a strong gust of wind is reportedly enough to knock them over.

Swindon Advertiser: Concerns have been raised over trip hazards near the Asda store Concerns have been raised over trip hazards near the Asda store (Image: Dave Cox)One customer said: “The trip hazards seem to have gotten much worse since last year.

“More cracked tiles are appearing and there are bigger gaps in between some of the tiles.”

This disappointing result has led to a renewed push for the supermarket to fulfil its promise of restoring the fountain to its former glory.

Earlier this month, Robert Phillips started a new petition online which has received more than a dozen signatures so far from those who agree with his calls to make the fountains safe.

He said: “The derelict fountains outside the Asda supermarket in North Swindon are posing numerous trip hazards and it is only a matter of time before somebody - particularly a child or elderly person - gets injured.

“We would like to ask Asda to make this area safe again for the general public.

“We have had numerous interactions with head office. On every occasion, we have been told something along the lines that 'work will commence in the future', but it never does.

“Some orange barriers were erected following us constantly nagging head office, but these barriers continually fall over and expose the dangers they are supposed to protect the public from.

“We should not be having to make a petition on basic public safety protection to one of the UK's biggest retailers, but seemingly have no choice.”

The Adver has approached Asda for comment.

Mr Phillips' online petition can be found by searching