A new art event is visiting Swindon this summer and organisers are asking people to submit entries.

This is the first year the Swindon Arts Fringe will been held and it will feature a variety of exhibitions running from June 17-30.

Some of the themes will include reimagined rubbish, abstract photography, the menopause, days of the old school yard and what does it mean to be young?

Event organiser Sue Bardwell said: “The Fringe aims to bring people into Swindon town centre by creating many visual art exhibitions in venues around the town centre.

“This is a great opportunity for individuals to pull together an exhibition based on a theme and to respond to the space they have been given in terms of how they display and curate the work submitted.”

There will be exhibitions at The Wyvern Theatre, Central Library, Artsite, Mams Gallery and The Hub and the team are also planning to use empty spaces that aren’t generally used for displaying art.

One exhibition, Secret Submissions, is looking for artists to anonymously enter a postcard or empty paint can fitting the theme ‘Identity: Reclaim and Rediscover.’

This will be open to interpretation but artists are urged to consider what they feel needs to be reclaimed by themselves or their local community.

This exhibition will be in person and online and each submission will be sold after the event, with the proceeds going to local charities.

Artists have until May 1 to apply to be a part of the Swindon Arts Fringe.

Alongside art exhibitions, there will be performances and workshops, which are set to be announced closer to the time.

More information can be found at www.swindonartsfringe.net/