The fate of a Swindon-based doctor hangs in the balance as a tribunal into his misconduct continues. 

Self-confessed sex addict Doctor Thomas Plimmer was found to have engaged in sex relations with multiple women at his Swindon GP surgery while working, a medical practitioner tribunal found in December. 

As a result, several misconduct charges were upheld against him, with the tribunal reconvening on Monday, April 22 to discuss whether he could continue as a registered doctor or would be struck off.

At the hearing, Plimmer gave further evidence where he admitted to committing misconduct and to being impaired in his fitness to practise. 

He said that his compulsions were part of a sex addiction that was exacerbated by feelings of major stress, rejection and loneliness but stated that the consequences of his action were 'his responsibility'. 

He said: "I caused stress and harm to many other individuals, which I am deeply remorseful for, I fully understand the gravity of my actions."

"Yes, I am impaired, I am someone who conducted themselves in a way that was unprofessional and hurtful on a  human level for other people.

"I have to take responsibility for that, I had strong compulsions, but it was still my decision and my responsibility.

"The conduct I demonstrated was improper, and I deeply apologise for that the impact of my actions which have nevertheless caused pain upset, harm and trauma, and mental consequences for those individuals, emotional consequences for those individuals, that may be long-lasting."

Doctor Plimmer clarified this response was referring to the fact he had strung several women along with a series of lies designed to make them all think they were in faithful monogamous relationships with him at the same time, which was not the case. 

The tribunal discussed this and other wrongdoings, many of which involved a colleague at the Swindon GP surgery.

This included showing her colleague a video of him having sex, masturbating in front her, approaching her with his trousers down and putting her hand on his penis, which he denied. 

Allegations of serial sexual assault and rape were not proven, but several instances of sexual acts and intercourse with multiple women while at his GP surgery during working hours were. 

He was also determined to have threatened to 'slit another woman's throat' when she indicated she was going to report him to the General Medical Council for his behaviour. 

In a reflection that was submitted to the panel, Dr Plimmer indicated that he was in the thralls of a sex addiction spanning over 15 years. 

He said he was now in 'recovery' for this, crediting the support of his current long-term partner, medication, Sex Addicts Anonymous and various courses. 

"Having a loving committed partnership has been of immense benefit to me, I have been in relationships prior, but never have I been in a relationship, on reflection, that has been so honest and open," he said.

"It is an honest truthful relationship which I am very thankful for, very grateful, it is one that brings me a great degree of peace and joy."

GMC representative Mark Monaghan questioned his presentation as someone in 'recovery' saying: "How can the panel be sure that you're being genuine now and this is not an application of the same tactics you used to mislead the concerns of people you were in a relationship with."

Dr Plimmer replied: "When evidence of my relapse came to light in 2021, I found myself in trouble with my employer, and I finally managed to stop being in denial not just about my relapse but the extent of my relapse, which was very shocking to me, the level of what I’d done."

The hearing continues.