A comedian of TV fame has revealed the things he likes, and is afraid of, in Swindon.

Flame-haired Mock the Week star Alasdair Beckett-King is coming to Swindon with his tour Nevermind next week.

He said: “I'm a big fan of Swindon. When I was researching Swindon before going there, I found out that Pierce Brosnan likes it.

“The top result I got was Pierce Brosnan says Swindon's a great place and I thought, ‘That’s it. That’s enough for me. The tour has to go there, if Brosnan likes it, I'm going.”

Alasdair does not particularly like Bond films, just Pierce Brosnan.

However, some parts of Swindon are not so attractive to Alasdair: “I've seen a picture of that magic roundabout that you've got there. 

“I can't drive, but even if I could drive, I don't think I could drive on that. That is stretching the definition of magic, I think. 

“Swindon is a city where magic means really dangerously confusing.”

However, he did admit that if Pierce Brosnan were on the Magic Roundabout this might change his mind.

“I don’t think you could put a price on that, it would be priceless. I’m hoping that will be happening when I arrive.

“Although it could overshadow the show.”

Alasdair tells people that his upcoming show is all about why he hates the North Sea and the North Sea hates him. 

“It’s just an excuse for telling all those jokes and stories from my childhood growing up in the Northeast and silly observations. 

“The theme is just a bit on which to hang all those gags and a lot of fun.”

Alasdair describes his humour not only as ‘hilarious’ and ‘definitely brilliant’, but also says it is ‘whimsical, it's clever, but it's also very silly and accessible’.

He might have got his humour from watching every slapstick film he could, of which his favourites are the Holy Grail, Little Shop of Horrors and Dr Strangelove.

Alasdair is now halfway through his tour, and regrets that he does not have more time to look around the places he visits.

“You walk in, see a few streets, maybe buy a pack of crisps or something and then I’ve got to go to the venue.

“I have to pass by all the ruins and history and absolutely bizarre roundabouts.”

“Different cities have different characters and the different vibe you get from the front row in different places is quite interesting.

“Swindon was very welcoming. People were well up for it right from the start.”

Alasdair Beckett-King won Chortle’s Breakthrough Act of the Year Award last year. He will perform his tour Nevermind at The Swindon Arts Centre on Tuesday 7th May 2024.