Pupils at a Swindon school has had the chance to explore golf through after-school sessions at a nearby golf club.

Lawn Manor Academy students have been teeing off in specially arranged classes at Broome Manor Golf Club.

Despite golf not being a traditional school sport, PE teacher Dan Maller's passion for the game facilitated this unique opportunity.

Pupils have the chance to develop their skills and look at a future in the sport.

Over two weeks, groups from various year levels received tuition on how to get started in the sport.

Swindon Advertiser: Year 10 and 11 pupils with teacher Dan Maller

These pupils can then continue their golfing journey individually, potentially joining a Broome Manor Golf Academy programme.

Mr Maller said: "I had the opportunity to try out golf when I was in school and now 14 years later I still play every week and so I wanted to give our pupils at Lawn Manor Academy the same chance to have a go at something that they may love too."

He also said: "The 16 pupils taking part in these introductory sessions have engaged really well and are trying hard to develop and improve their skills.

"The majority of them have never picked up a club before but by the end of the course they will have the basic knowledge they need to continue to succeed."

Lawn Manor Academy is part of the Ascend Learning Trust and you can get more information at www.lawnmanor.org.