The future of Swindon's historic Health Hydro has been secured - or at least part of it. 

Swindon Borough Council has just announced that further funding has been acquired which will mean it can definitely restore the leisure centre's main pool. 

The National Lottery Heritage Fund has confirmed that it will be giving Swindon £409,000 for planning work that will help to secure millions more in funding towards the Milton Road building's restoration that is currently underway. 

The additional money made possible by this grant will mean the main pool hall can be fully restored, including works to its roof to improve the building’s energy consumption and help reduce its carbon output, which in turn will reduce the running costs of the facility.

It will also allow for a replacement ventilation system, IT upgrades and conservation works to the brickwork, spectator gallery and the stained-glass window, along with engagement and interpretation work on the building’s history.

While this is not the final step to complete the refurbishment of the iconic building, it is hoped this work – along with the ongoing first phase – will not only make the main pool fit for use again but also lay the groundwork for future phases of regeneration including works at the Turkish Baths and small pool.

Councillor Marina Strinkovsky, Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for heritage, art and culture, said: “I’m very happy that we’ve received additional funding for this amazing building. It goes to show that there’s a lot of belief in the Health Hydro’s future and support for our promise to Build a Better Swindon for current and future generations.

“I know it may feel like it’s taking a long time but important work is happening and it needs to be done right.

“The extra funding we’ve received will help us make sure that when the building reopens it has a sustainable future and can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

It was recently revealed that as part of the planning permission granted to Swindon Borough Council for the £6.5 million revamp and improvement of the listed building, a historic building record would need to be made.

In the document by the council’s specialist historic building consultants Donald Insall Associates, which sets out how that record will be made, it stated that the Health Hydro and its links to the Great Western Railway and Isambard Kingdom Brunel meant it had international significance. 

The report added that the Turkish Baths are also of international and possibly worldwide importance, saying they are: “known to be the oldest surviving, continuously working Victorian style example in Europe -if not the world.”