Dozens of employees made redundant from a doomed Swindon recycling firm have won an employment tribunal against their former employer. 

Recycling Technologies in Unit B2, Stirling Court, Swindon went into administration September 2022 making up to 79 staff members redundant. 

It had hoped to revolutionise the world of recycling by developing an RT7000 machine that could turn plastic waste into a synthetic oil known as Plaxx that could be re-made into new plastic, but failed to secure enough funding to get the business off the ground. 

Following its collapse, a lengthy liquidation process began in October 2022, with liquidators Interpath Advisory finally dissolving the firm in January of this year. 

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Swindon Advertiser:

In the same month, an employment tribunal was headed by former employee Mr Amin and 54 of his colleagues.

The results of this tribunal were published in March and showed that Employment Judge Mr Cadney had ruled that Mr Amin and his coworkers had been wrongfully made redundant. 

In his ruling, he said: "The Claimant’s claims against Recycling Technologies Ltd are well founded and the tribunal makes the declaration set out below:

“The Tribunal declares that the complaint that the Recycling Technologies Ltd (Respondent 1) failed to comply with a requirement of section of 188 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (TULRCA) is well founded.

He adds: "and [it] makes a protective award in respect of all of its employees listed in the Schedule attached hereto at its premises at Unit B, Stirling Court, Swindon SN3 4TQ who were dismissed as redundant on or after 26th September 2022. and orders the respondent to pay to those employees remuneration for the protected period of (90) days beginning on 26th September 2022.”

The Secretary of State is liable to meet any unsatisfied award made against Recycling Technologies Ltd in favour of any of the claimants to the extent of its statutory liability.

Deeptech Recycling Technologies Limited (DRT) acquired the majority of the assets of Recycling Technologies from the administration, including the RT7000 machine for £310,000. 

The DRT team has been consolidating the assets and evaluating the options, prior to relaunching the business.”

The liquidator report said: "It was ultimately concluded the transaction with the purchaser was a significant improvement on the only other likely outcome which was a piecemeal disposal strategy”.

Recycling Technologies had initially valued this at more than £6 million.