South Swindon's MP has signed an open letter calling for the replacement of animal experiments with human-specific research methods.

Sir Robert Buckland has backed charity Animal Free Research UK's appeal to the Science Minster to introduce Herbie’s Law.

The research methods suggested under Herbie’s Law include artificial intelligence, computer modelling, and "organ-on-a-chip" technology.

Sir Robert said, "as a pet lover" and cat owner, he was "pleased" to sign the letter.

He continued: "This new legislative framework supports the long-term replacement of animal experiments with human-specific research techniques.

"We are a nation of pet lovers and here in Britain, we have a proud track record of introducing world-first legislation to improve animal and environmental protection and maximise the positive impact of technology.

"It is time for us now to show global leadership once again with the introduction of Herbie’s Law."

In a policy briefing by Animal Free Research UK, the charity said: "The UK is perfectly poised to unlock the major opportunities offered by human-specific research methods, transforming the lives of patients around the world, while building a strong and future-focused domestic economy.

"Introducing Herbie’s Law will cement our position as a scientific superpower while supporting our proud identity as a nation of animal lovers"