Swindon’s Green Party says it is ready for the General Election this summer.

The national party says it intends to field candidates in every one of the 650 constituencies in the country.

And it already has its candidates ready in Swindon.

The Green Party in Swindon has welcomed today's announcement of a general election in July.

On hearing the Prime Minister's announcement, Andy Bentley, the party’s candidate for Swindon North, said: "It's about time. I look forward to promoting the Green Party's positive message of real change. We are the only party telling the truth about the enormous challenges that the country faces, and the only party with the policies and commitment to tackle them."

Also standing in Swindon North will be Conservative MP Justin Tomlinson, Labour’s Will Stone and the independent candidate Debbie Hicks.

Rod Hebden, who will represent the party in Swindon South, said: "The past 14 years of Conservative government have been disastrous, with Labour now on track to win by a landslide as people are desperate for change.

“But Labour has failed to convince anyone that they will provide a real difference, with Keir Starmer flip-flopping and watering down policies. Only the Greens have the policies and plans to tackle climate change, create a fair tax system and put people and planet first."

"This year, people will be free to vote for the issues that really matter to them. You don't have to vote for the least worst option. This year, you can vote for what you believe in."

Other candidates announced for Swindon South are  sitting Conservative MP Robert Buckland and the Labour candidate Heidi Alexander.