A company is celebrating a successful first year in business which it has attributed to the work of its store manager.

Post & Packing Swindon has witnessed strong growth and success since its launch, which it said is due "solely to the exceptional leadership and customer service provided by store manager Hooman Ghoorchian".

Despite starting in challenging conditions, with low footfall in the town centre and brand awareness at a minimum, Mr Ghoorchian has transformed the store into a trusted establishment within the community.

The store, which was launched by director Shantell Moore as an addition to her existing courier business, has posted a six-figure turnover in its first year of operation.

Ms Moore said Mr Ghoorchian, who started out as an accredited Amazon delivery driver, was key to the businesses operations.

She pointed to his dedication, attention to detail, and passion for service as key contributors to the store's success.

The company's range of services - including international packing, bespoke packaging solutions, postbox rentals, printing services and fulfilment support - have also played a role in its success.

Mr Ghoorchian commitment to excellence in these areas is reflected in the store's 4.8 out of five score on Google reviews.

One customer, Will Rice, said: "I've been using Post & Packing Swindon to take care of mail outs of a book I published this year.

"Despite the orders being ad-hoc and often to addresses all around the world, the team were extremely efficient, professional and patient in helping take care of my delivery and packaging needs, giving me different pricing options each time and always in a friendly way.

"I am grateful to have found such a trustworthy operation and will not hesitate to use them again for future projects.”

Ms Moore has plans to expand the company into rural villages, aiming to bridge the gap for communities without stores or reliable transportation.

The £35,000 investment into the franchise has proven to be money well spent, facilitating the store's swift rise within the network of 18 other Post & Packing outlets across the UK.

The addition of services like luggage storage via the Stasher Network has also enhanced their offering.

The company said its focus remains on "maintaining a customer-centric approach, further expanding its diverse and inclusive workforce, and expanding their team with individuals who share their commitment to exceptional service".