The founder of a fitness event promoting long-term physical and mental health in Swindon is already looking ahead to the next event after a successful launch day earlier this month. 

Tim Howe, founder of the Longevity Games, hosted the first event earlier this month at Swindon Athletics Track, welcoming people of all ages, ranging from 18 to 70, and abilities to take part in group exercise activities like running, squats and burpees.

Tim said: “There’s nothing else like it to support long-term health. It’s all about muscle and core strength and people lose strength with age and often they get to a stage in their life when they go to their doctor or have a chronic illness and they need to make a lifestyle change.

"It’s crippling for the NHS and social services and something has to be done, so this is a preventative measure and it’s proactive. It’s an opportunity for people to get some support and know what type of exercise to do.

“It’s for all abilities and if you can’t do something, there’s no pressure. Often events can be strict and intimidating and people feel they need to be perfect at something. The average person gets forgotten but I’d rather someone progress here than not try it.”

The next event in September - the date is yet to be confirmed - will welcome around 400 to 500 people and spectators are welcome to watch or give it a go.

“There’s a sense of achievement and job satisfaction helping people make lifestyle changes and turn their life around", Tim added.

“Our aim is to have more events in the year and eventually work with life coaches and nutritionists. Swindon is the starting place and as we use the running track, we are hoping we can hold the event anywhere in the country to help more people."

Tim has already had lots of support from local gyms, councillors and MP Sir Robert Buckland, who hopes to defend his Swindon South seat at the General Election.

Sir Robert said: “The Longevity Games have been carefully planned by their founder, Tim Howe, who has been deeply involved in grassroots fitness groups over the past four years. 

“These events have been designed to be extremely supportive, as well as inclusive, with activities suitable for novice, intermediate and proficient levels. I am very much looking forward to participating in further events as they are planned, and I am calling on all local residents to join me and get involved.”

Other candidates in Swindon South are Labour’s Heidi Alexander and the Green Party candidate Rod Hebden.