A Morrisons in Swindon was cordoned off on Sunday morning as emergency services rushed to the scene.

Police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine were all spotted at Haydonleigh Morrisons on Westfield Way just after 8am on Sunday, June 2.

According to onlookers, the entire car park was shut off as emergency services 'swarmed' the area.

"The car park and shop were cordoned off with fire engines, and an ambulance and police cars were in attendance," one eyewitness told the Adver.

Swindon Advertiser: The scene at Haydonleigh Morrisons on Sunday morning.The scene at Haydonleigh Morrisons on Sunday morning. (Image: Public)

Wiltshire Police has confirmed that the emergency response was due to a 'medical incident', but currently very few details have been released.

Morrisons Haydonleigh has refused to comment, and informed the Adver that "for more details, you'd need to go to next of kin or head office."

By 10am, all traces of the incident that sparked a mass emergency response had been removed and the shop was functioning as usual.