A graffitied wall that was described as a 'town eyesore' has now been transformed into a stunning nature mural.

In 2023, Janey Louise Fletcher, a spray paint artist from London began her mission to transform the 'grotty' wall at Stonebridge Lane in Marlborough into something beautiful.

Janey is a specialist in spray-painted murals and her work in Marlborough features local wildlife such as kingfishers, otters, swans and moles.

The wall, which was all designed and created by Janey, was also influenced by local schoolboy Luke Gifford.

Luke, a Year 4 pupil at St Mary's Church of England Primary, had his drawing encorporated into a small section of the mural and even had a small go with the spray paints, after winning a local competition.

Now after almost a year of work, the Stonebridge River Reserve mural has been finally unveiled to the public by Deputy Lieutenant for Wiltshire Ninna Gibson on Saturday, June 1.

Swindon Advertiser: Artist Janey Louise Fletcher with Marlborough's Mayor Kym-Marie CleasbyArtist Janey Louise Fletcher with Marlborough's Mayor Kym-Marie Cleasby (Image: ARK)

"The mural has already brought pleasure to so many people as well as showcasing what a special place we have on our doorstep," said a spokesperson for the Action for the River Kennett group.

"The unveiling was a well-attended event, with Janey Jane the mural artist, Marlborough Mayor Kym-Marie Cleasby, TH WHITE 's Director, Marlborough Town Council councillors, the ARK team and lots of the community."

The Stonebridge mural project is a collaboration between local charity Action for the River Kennet (ARK), T H WHITE, Marlborough Town Council and the GC Charitable Trust, as well as artist Janey.

Swindon Advertiser: The finished mural incorporates primary school pupil Luke's drawing.The finished mural incorporates primary school pupil Luke's drawing. (Image: ARK)

Explaining how she incorporated schoolboy Luke's design into a small part of the wall, Janey said:  "It really enriched the process for me to spend some time with Luke and to figure out how to incorporate his drawing into the mural.

"In the end, I decided to invite Luke along for a photo shoot and use the photo of him as my reference.

"He's a wonderful artist, and he's full of ideas."

Anna Forbes, senior project officer for ARK, added: “It’s started some great conversations about the river and the water meadow.

“It’s already proving to be educational as well as a fantastic piece of art."

The Stonebridge mural in Marlborough is now available for the public to visit, and those involved say they hope that it will help to show people some of the wonders of the River Kennet.