A mystic famous from television appearances will read the thoughts of Swindonians in a visit to the Town.

Clinton Baptiste from Peter Kay's Phoenix Night and Britain's Got the Pop Factor will be reading the audience’s minds.

Clinton recently became viral with a video referring to allegations against Prince Andrew. Clinton is a character played by Alex Lowe, also known for playing Barry from Watford.

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Alex explained: “Clinton will give his readings on individual people. I do a lot in the audience, and I think that's the bit everyone likes the most.

“He's very un-diplomatic and unsubtle but I never think that it's so horrible that people are traumatised by it.”

“I can push the envelope, but I wouldn’t really upset people.”

“You are kind of allowed to slightly flirt with what's not allowed to be said in character because it's not me, it’s Clinton. And the fact is, he is a bit thick.”

He remembered: “I have got fond memories of playing in Swindon before. It’s very nice, lovely audience.

“I did gigs as Barry from Watford years ago. I was very, very nervous when I first started at the Wyvern. 

“It was lovely to undo that feeling when we were there again last in 2021. It was a great show, so I am looking forward to seeing them again.”

Alex enjoys meeting people in the towns he visits and hopes to go out on the Town after the show.

But he mused: “It always sounds like a laugh. We go to a hotel, relax, after the gig have a few drinks - it's never like that.

“Invariably we end up at a Premier Inn where everything is shut by the time we get there and the bar shuts. And then you get up in the morning, have breakfast, and hit the road again.

“But I would love to go out in Swindon and kick back, go to a bar or something.”

“We are selling tons of tickets which is so gratifying because it's like the fourth UK tour I've done. And it just seems to grow every time, so it's great.”

Entering his psychic persona, Alex said: “I can predict that people will have a fantastic time. 

“And more than any other show we've done - honestly, I think people think this is the best show I've done. 

“So I'm delighted to give it to the people of Swindon.”

Clinton Baptiste will be at the Wyvern Theatre on June 22.