A bucket of “human waste” was thrown at the front door of a Swindon beauty salon.

CCTV caught the moment a person threw what the owners called “human poo, wee and maggots” onto the front door of the High Street business.

A person wearing a tracksuit with a hood covering their face is seen approaching the shop on May 24, around 9.30am.

They then splash the contents onto the doors before walking away. Pictures from the morning after show maggots on the floor and stains on the glass doors.

The owner of the salon described the attack as “vile”. 

They have previously complained of human waste, rubbish and syringes being left outside their shop, and suspected poo is thrown out of a window wrapped in tissue.

She said: “It’s always splattered around the car park. We’ve often found needles thrown around. We find little packets with white powders in.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “We are investigating an incident of criminal damage in Old Town.

“At around 9.30am on May 24 it is reported that a bucket of human waste was emptied outside a business on the High Street.

“If anyone has information that could help with our enquiries please contact us on 101 quoting reference number 54240060156.”