One of the most beautiful buildings in Swindon has been restored to its original purpose, and former glory.

Burderop House is a Grade II*-listed manor house in Chiseldon, built in the 17th century then redesigned into its current neo-classical square design in the !8th century.

It was used as offices in the late 20th and early 21st century, but now one of Swindon’s most ambitious property developers, Arthur Dallimer, has brought it back to use as a family home.

With a difference.

Just nine months after buying the house Mr Dallimer opened it up to show scores of people from Wiltshire and Swindon what he had done.

And for the opening he had turned the spectacular rooms into an art gallery- which is one of the intended future uses.

Taking congratulations Mr Dallimer said: “I’m thrilled to have got it to this state. There are apartments upstairs for me and members of my family.

“And the downstairs space, for the first couple of years, it will be for events: art exhibitions, like now, or music events or literature festivals.

“With a building like this you have to make it work as well, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

A native Swindonian, Mr Dallimer said: “I’m very happy to have been able to have brought back one of the town’s most beautiful buildings into its original use like this.”

For the evening exhibits were supplied by Oink Gallery in Old Town.

Those with an interest in Swindon’s heritage architecture might be keen to see how he has done with Burderop House.

Because he has designs on another Regency building the Grade II-listed Apsley Houe on the corner of Bath Road and Victoria Road.

Formerly the home of Swindon Museum and Art gallery until it closed in March 2020, the building could not be turned into a commercial hub for Old Town.

His ambitious plans show the building could be restored and remodelled to create a restaurant, two shops and meeting and co-working spaces.

Those proposals are still going through the planning process at Swindon Borough Council.

Mr Dallimer previously told the Adver: “However, once it’s granted, I aim to mobilise on the site as soon as possible.

“Realistically we've got a six-to-eight month construction phase to complete the improvement works to the building."