Work at East Wichel play area is progressing.

South Swindon Parish Council, which is responsible for the work, says the new stepped entrance off of Fernacre Road are taking shape and should be finished soon.

It added that new drains will be installed around the play area next week. The play area will still be open while this work is ongoing, just keep an eye out for the fenced-off areas.

The main entrance to the park will be improved with a new tarmac ramp once the drainage and steps are complete.

Once all the groundwork is completed, new fencing and play equipment will be installed.

A spokesperson for South Swindon Parish Council said: “The parish council has committed to improving the drainage, access and play value at East Wichel Play Area. Over the past week, our contractor has attended the site to improve the drainage, as the site regularly gets waterlogged and boggy.

“The access to East Wichel Park from Fernacre Road will be improved with a tarmac ramp and steps replacing the current gravel and grass paths. The play area will also be enclosed with a new fence soon.

“There will also be new play equipment installed which will enhance the play value of the site. Some of the new equipment will be specifically focused towards toddlers, after receiving residents feedback about access to toddlers play equipment in the area.”