A play park refurbished as part of a £600,000 scheme has reopened to families.

South Swindon Parish Council have been overseeing improvement works to the Buckhurst Play Area as part of a wider project to breathe new life into Buckhurst Field in Walcot. 

The work began on Monday, April 29, and finished on Friday, June 7. 

A number of new pieces of equipment were added to the facility. 

A spokesperson said: "We hope residents enjoy the new equipment. There are new swings, a sensory play board, a zipline, a hurricane swing and more.

"There's just one more piece of equipment, the see-saw, left to install. This will be installed [soon].

"The heras fencing will stay in place until Monday, but the entrances are clear and accessible.

"The contractors' compound in the Burghley Close Allotments car park will be removed next week."

This work forms part of a £600,000 investment into Buckhurst Field in the Park North and Walcot area. 

The plans include the aforementioned new play area, the rebuild of the skate park, sports facilities including football pitches and a renovated sports pavilion, a cycle path and landscaping.

South Swindon Parish Council say that the upgrades should take 18 months to complete, and they will work in partnership with Swindon Borough Council, the Football Foundation and the Oakfield Development Board.