A coffee venue in the heart of Swindon town centre has closed its doors.

Second Cup Coffee on The Parade has not opened its doors for weeks - and there has been no official announcement from the business itself.

Google lists the local establishment as permanently closed. 

It has been claimed on social media that the landlord wants to do something else with the building and that the closure was sudden, with staff were left 'shocked and upset'

Photos show that all of the furniture inside has been stacked. 

(Image: Dave Cox) Members of the public have discussed the building's apparent closure online, mourning the loss of what many called their 'favourite place to go for coffee'. 

One person wrote: "It was the friendliest coffee shop I have visited. I get looked after so well there and I kept going back because of it, I am devastated it has closed."

Another said: "I always went in there when I was in the town centre. I preferred it to Costa because it had lovely staff and a really friendly atmosphere."

Earlier this year, a member of staff at Second Cup Coffee issued a public plea on the Swindon Community Notice Board for people to come out and support local businesses. 

They explained that times were hard financially and its chances of remaining open were slim. 

A spokesperson said: "We at SecondCup need your help! We are based in the town centre near Superdrug and have loved serving the community for the past nearly 10 years, however, times are hard for us all and only as a community will we survive this.

"If you have been to us before then you know just how great our drinks are and if you haven't then you are missing out.

"We have an award-winning hot chocolate, new delicious cakes every week, a selection of wraps and ciabattas, soups and scones and so much more!

"We need your help to keep serving our community, a community we love so much We truly are a family at Second Cup."

Second Cup Cafe is a Canadian restaurant chain, coffee retailer, and roaster. Its headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario and it has chains all over the world. 

The Parade branch in Swindon was one of only two Second Cup Coffees in the UK.