The Conservative candidate for Swindon South, Sir Robert Buckland has suggested he is not in favour of admitting leader of the Reform Party Nigel Farage to the Tories.

As the Conservative party continues to struggle in the polls four weeks away from the general election on July 4, it is widely reported that senior party figures are in some turmoil about the threat posed by Mr Farage and his party.

Having initially said he would not stand in this election, Mr Farage changed his mind, became the leader of Reform UK and announced his candidacy for the constituency of Clacton in Essex, giving his party an immediate boost in the polls.

Some figures, seen as one the right of the Conservative party, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and now former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, have suggested that Mr Farage would be made welcome in the Conservative Party.

But former Secretary of State for Wales and Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Mr Buckland give the opposite view to the BBC.

He said: “We're a broad church, but not an Amazon warehouse.”

Mr Buckland faces five other candidates in his battle to retain the seat he first won in 2010.

They are Heidi Alexander for Labour Party, Independent candidate Martin Costello, Rod Hebden for the Green Party, Catherine Kosidowski for Reform UK and Matthew David McCabe for the Liberal Democrats.