A youth club has relaunched for youngsters living in a Swindon neighbourhood. 

South Swindon Parish Council has brought back a youth club in the Walcot and Park North andSouth areas. 

The new club is being held at St John's Church Hall on Whitbourne Avenue, opposite Cavendish Square.

Last month it held a registration event where parents and children could attend and see the new venue, as well as register their interest in their child attending.

There are two sessions split by age groups, one for children in Years 5, 6 and 7 and one for children in Years 8 to 12, with each one lasting for an hour and a half. 

The younger age group starts at 5pm, while the older group starts at 6.15pm. 

Now a few weeks in, the council says that more are welcome. 

A spokesperson said: "Please do come along, see the new venue for the youth club as well as the staff and volunteers who will be running youth club.

"There will also be an opportunity for young people to suggest ideas for activities for the new group."

The first sessions took place on May 28, and it has been ongoing since then.  

It takes place every Tuesday, and a leaflet shows that it currently offers arts and crafts, sports, games, a PS5, karaoke and 'more'. 

Rebecca Banwell-Moore, vice-chair for South Swindon Parish Council, said: "I’m so pleased that we at South Swindon Parish Council with St John’s, Parks, Swindon have just launched this new youth club.

"Youth club provision (as part of a wider youth service) is absolutely vital and key to reducing levels of youth crime and preventing young people from offending.

"Youth services can provide young people with a sense of inclusivity, community, and a sense of belonging.

"They can be a place of safety where young people can build positive relationships with adults (and peers) who can provide the necessary support and care to, as research evidences, break the cycle of offending and child exploitation from serious organised criminal gangs."

South Swindon Parish Council confirmed the club was returning in an announcement in March. 

At this time it put out an appeal for volunteers to help run the club, with DBS certificate and training will be provided by South Swindon Parish Council.

If you are interested in helping out or would like to know more details, please contact Loreli Huntley at youthwork2@southswindon-pc.gov.uk or 07706 533433.