Shoppers have been served notice that a Swindon Tesco will be out of use for several weeks. 

A poster has been put in the doorway of the Abbey Meads Tesco informing members of the public of an upcoming closure. 

The sign says that the store will be closing from June 22. 

It will then remain shut for four weeks, with an advertised reopening date of July 22.

It is understood that the store will be refurbished within this time. 

Locals who may be left wondering where to get their groceries during the Abbey Meads store's downtime have been advised to head to Priory Vale, which is the next nearest Tesco store. 

Last year the national supermarket chain closed both the Liden and Freshbrook stores for a similar amount of time so that they could have a refit. 

At the time a Tesco spokesperson said: "We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but look forward to serving customers from our improved store."

Both stores reopened on time.