The conversion of a former dentist surgery into a seven-bedroom shared house of multiple occupation has been given the go ahead - 10 years after it took place

And that will come a relief to the owner real estate company SCH UK Ltd, of Royal Wootton Bassett.

It had done the conversion work 10 years ago without the permission it needed – and if the Swindon Borough Council planning committee had voted the other way it could have face having to undo all of it.

The company had revised its original proposal which would have seen the building suitable to house eight residents.

The application had been called into the committee by Nythe, Eldene and Liden Parish Council which said it had concerns over the provision of only four parking spaces.

 But no neighbours of the property had objected, and that seemed to carry weight with the members.

Councillor Matty Courtliff said: “There would have been more car movements to the building when it was a dental practice. And there have been no residents’ objections, which you’d expect if there had been problems.”

Councillor Gary Sumner added: “There will be no change to the outside of the building.”

The proposal to regularise the use of the building as an HMO was passed unanimously.