A fishing club has received a funding boost from West Swindon Parish Council as it looks to promote the benefits of the activity.

The council has awarded Peatmoor Angling Club a grant of £633, which will allow the club to buy new equipment and continue championing the value of angling.

The club not only has the goal of fostering community engagement, but also encourages the exploration of Peatmoor Lagoon and its neighbouring natural environment.

The grant presentation was held at Peatmoor Lake, where council chairperson, councillor Rose Llewellyn, and vice chair, councillor Caryl Sydney Smith, met with angling club chairperson Ted Rowe to present the new equipment.

The council said the event represents a step towards improving recreational opportunities and supporting groups dedicated to the community's wellbeing.

Angling offers extensive benefits, such as promoting physical health, facilitating mental relaxation and raising environmental awareness.

The club's activities at Peatmoor Lagoon not only support individual well-being but also enhance communal ties and encourage stewardship of the ecosystem.

West Swindon Parish Council encourages other community groups to apply for grants to support initiatives that make a positive impact on the parish.

Smaller grants of up to £250 are available all year round, with applications accepted on a rolling basis.

For larger projects, grants exceeding £250 can be applied for in two rounds closing on September 15.

Councillor Rose Llewellyn said: "We are committed to supporting projects that enrich our community and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

"We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas and projects that local groups will bring forward."

Decisions on these applications are made within three weeks of the closing date.

Grant applications can be made via the West Swindon Parish Council website.

Peatmoor Angling Club has also received financial support from the public this year after it set up a £100,000 GoFundMe page as it looked to recover following the death of thousands of fish in Peatmoor Lagoon.

The club has been using Peatmoor Lagoon to fish for decades but last August there was a sudden drop in oxygen levels, leading to the deaths.

The club is now on the road to recovery, with club member Ted Rowe saying in February the "future is looking great".

For more information about the council, upcoming events, and details on applying for grants, visit the council's website.