Members of the public have been thanked after information led to class-A drugs being found hidden in a public place.

Officers from the Stratton, Central Swindon North and West Swindon Police Neighbourhood Policing Team were out at the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate and the Venny on Wednesday conducting weapons sweeps.

This followed reports from concerned members of the public. 

No weapons were found on this occasion, but a phone and a small amount of suspected Class-A drugs were located.

PCSO Sahota took part in the weapons sweep that saw him use a metal detector and sticks to search overgrowth in the area. He has thanked the public for their help. 

"We have been to Cheney Manor Industrial Estate this morning where we're doing weapons sweeps in relation to vital information our communities are giving us, in relation to weapons and concerns around weapons being hidden in these locations. 

"So I'm here just to say thank you to our members of the community that are reporting it, and if you're not, and you have concerns, there are different ways of reporting it. 

"You can do it via 101, Crimestoppers anonymously or an online form. 

"Without information from our communities, we can't do sweeps like we are today. So I do appreciate it. Thank you ever so much, and keep reporting it."