KFC will get a partner business in West Swindon, new SEN tuition provision is coming to Redhouse, but there’s a bump in the road for a brewery’s expansion plans among the latest applications made to Swindon Borough Council planning this week

WESTLEA:  Another building to house what is called a ‘complimentary food and drink business' is planned at Delta Business Park.

Fast food giant KFC has had approval for a plan to build the single-storey building immediately to the west of its drive-through restaurant in West Swindon.

NORTH STAR: Concerns over parking have put a halt, at least for the time being, to the expansion plans of a growing Swindon brewery.

The Hop Kettle Brewery operates from a unit in Hawksworth Industrial Estate in the North Star area of town just north of the railway line, where it brews the beer it supplies the two Old Town pubs it runs as well as a bar in Cirencester and Gloucester.

The company had applied to be able to use a larger unit in the trading estate. And that would have also allowed it to install a tap room, allowing drinkers to sample the ales and beers produced in the very same room.

But there were concerns expressed by council officers and Swindon North Parish Council about parking arrangements.

Even a revision to the plans the council’s highways officer was unable to recommend approval, and the business has withdrawn its application.

TOWN CENTRE: A domestic garage behind an end-of-terrace house could be knocked down and replaced with a commercial laundrette.

William O’Leary has asked for permission to remove the garage behind 47 Station Road saying: “The existing garage is unsafe and in poor condition and will be demolished and rebuilt on the same footprint. The building will be used for laundry business.”

Access to the laundrette could come from a gate to the property from Commercial Street.

REDHOUSE: A new specialist tuition facility for children and young people with special educational needs will be constructed where a hairdressers used to operate.

Hunt Scholars Limited, which makes specialist SEN provision has been given permission to use the former hairdressing salon at Unit C, Millgrove House  in 59 Millgrove Street to teach the young people.

The business told planners that the current occupancy was for 12 hairdressers, 12 clients and those waiting, with little control over numbers and added: “Our occupancy is planned to be lower than the current successful business figures for a professional service in the building.

“Our planned peak occupancy 39 weeks of the year  between 9.30am and 3.30pm is six or seven adult leaders, with 10-12 students, but more normal occupancy would be six leaders and six students. Tuition would likely continue until a maximum of 6pm.”

Council planners, approving the proposal said: “There are substantial social and economic benefits arising from the proposal. Furthermore, the proposed use would attract people to the site on a daily basis that would have the potential to support the other uses in the vicinity.”

WROUGHTON: A proposal to cover a brick-built bungalow with plaster render has been refused a certificate of lawfulness as the proposal is deemed to be ‘development’.

Mark Tubey told borough planners that the brickwork on 27 Dunbar Road needed repointing and added: “Following assessments it is cheaper and more effective to render the outside of the building.”

Pictures submitted as part of the application shows the next door property to be rendered white.

But planners said: “The only consideration is whether the proposal requires planning permission.  The proposed rendering of bungalow will materially affect the external appearance of the building and as such meets the statutory definition of ‘development’.

“Planning permission is required.”

Mr Tubey is still able to apply for that permission.