Drivers parking their cars on pavements in Swindon could soon face fines as the council looks to crackdown on the problem.

Vehicles blocking pavements, impeding pedestrians and blocking safe views when crossing roads has been a major bugbear for the town's residents for years.

Now Swindon Borough Council is looking to get tough on the issue and install 'no go' areas for those looking to use the verge to park their car.

Those found doing so could see themselves stung with fines, like they would parking on double yellow lines.

Councillors across Swindon will be able to request special measures to prevent or address pavement parking if they see the need.

The member for highways and the environment Councillor Chris Watts introduced his report saying: “This is the first to come from the policy committees, and I’d like to thank it for its work.

“It is understood that in many areas pavement parking was an embedded behaviour, seen as the norm and that an overall shortage of parking spaces relative to levels of car ownership in some areas could result in some negative impacts arising from any prohibition on pavement parking.

“However, the committee felt the desire to set a direction of travel for the council to move away from pavement parking being a normal behaviour and one which should not be accepted in the long term.

“Rather than a widespread prohibition it was therefore agreed initially to promote the idea of a trial in a local area with known issues where there was public and ward councillor support.”

The proposal to cabinet was to allow ward members to bring the issue forward and to request and experiment with traffic orders to be made to restrict parking on the pavement or verge in areas where they knew it was a problem.

Cllr Watts' report said: ”Officers have considered the best approach to implementing this recommendation and are suggesting the same approach as already used for 20mph speed limits.

"In the first instance, proposals will be invited from ward councillors who represent each area.

"They may demonstrate local support through surveys, petitions, questionnaires or online or social media dialogue and through the views of Town or Parish Councils.

“The success of traffic and parking restrictions schemes relies on local support and compliance so there should be evidence that there is clearly a problem to be addressed and that there is local support for scheme.”

Cllr Watts added: This is a more sensible approach, to bring in orders for trials and to see how it goes rather than try and do something across the borough.”

It comes after the council voted unanimously to take forward the suggestion from the Building a Better Swindon policy committee to allow measures to be taken against cars parked on pavements and verges, causing both danger and inconvenience to pedestrians and often damage to the roads.

But it has amended the policy committee’s suggestions as to how to go about stopping such inconsiderate parking.