A specialist salon for dogs in Swindon is offering a 'holistic' approach. 

Daniella Malcome-Stewart, 31, is from Rodbourne and originally started dog grooming in 2018. 

She trained and graduated as a holistic groomer in 2022 and has refurbished part of her property on Fosse Close into the dog-centred set-up for her new venture, Woody's Holistic Grooming: A Haven For Dogs and Their Guardians.

It is a dog salon dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable grooming experience for people's precious pets who struggle with grooming and general handling.

Daniella says there is a focus on the emotional and physical well-being of "our furry friends"

She added: "Woody's Holistic Grooming aims to give dogs more choice in their care and help them feel safe during grooming sessions.

"The entire salon has been thoughtfully designed with the dog's well-being in mind, from the flooring to the lighting.

"Every detail has been carefully considered to create a calming and reduced-stress environment.

"There are no restraints and both the table and shower area are completely accessible for dogs, with no need for lifting."

Daniella works alongside behaviourists, canine nutritionists and veterinary physiotherapists to offer a bespoke grooming appointment.

"Our mission at Woody's Holistic Grooming is to support dogs who struggle with grooming and handling, as well as their guardians," she said. 

"We understand that some dogs may feel anxious or fearful during grooming, and our salon is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space where they can feel at ease."

In addition to our specialised grooming services, Woody's Holistic Grooming also offers educational resources and guidance for dog guardians.

"I believe that by empowering pet owners with knowledge and understanding, we can help them better care for their furry companions and strengthen the bond between dogs and their humans.

"Woody's Holistic Grooming is excited to serve the Wiltshire community and provide a unique grooming experience that prioritises the well-being and happiness of dogs.

"We invite all dog owners who want to give their furry friends the care they deserve to get in contact and experience the difference for themselves.

For more information, contact Daniella at 07521720302 or email at woodysholisticgrooming@gmail.com