A new update has been given the release date of a new ITV crime drama series starring Shaun Evans.

ITV's Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour came to an end over a year ago with its final episode screened on March 12, 2023, and watched by millions of viewers.

Starring Shaun Evans in the lead role, the show became globally popular like its forerunners Inspector Morse and Lewis.

Now a new crime drama called Until I Kill You starring the very same actor is expected to be shown later this year on ITV.

The series, which also stars Line of Duty and Motherland star Anna Maxwell Martin, was initially rumoured to be scheduled for the first half of this year.

ITV then provided an update last month stating that the drama will be shown later this year and later than the initial expected release date.

A spokesperson for ITV said: “It will air later this year.”

The television network has now provided a further update on the release date for the series just three weeks after the first statement.

“We don't have photos available yet as it's not due to air for a little while,” said the ITV spokesperson.

“We'll have pictures, information and trailers towards the end of the summer.”

Shaun Evans in Endeavour.Shaun Evans in Endeavour. (Image: Mammoth Screen/ITV)

With a date seemingly consolidated for after summer, fans believe the show could air as early as September.

The Until I Kill You book written by Deia Balmer is set to release on Thursday, September 12.